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Your package insert. But electronic.

You want to give your customers the chance to access your instructions for use anytime and anywhere?
No problem, because this is just what our e-IFU portal offers.

e-labelling allows instructions to be updated or archived at short notice and the use of modern instructional techniques, such as animated graphics or video sequences. Our e-IFU portal meets the requirements of the European Commission.


Büetiger AG core competence - E-IFU

Protected access

Various logins let you decide just which users can see and/or edit certain content. And we can guarantee the safe transmission of your data thanks to HTTPS encryption.

Büetiger AG core competence - E-IFU

User interface

Our e-IFU portal has a number of different functions that can be extended or modified as required. For example, outdated versions of instructions for use can be archived or products structured according to certain criteria.

Büetiger AG core competence - E-IFU

Flip book

In addition to being available for download, your instructions for use can be viewed online in flipbook format. The final user also has the opportunity to download only those parts of the flip book they need.

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