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Your Instruction For Use. But electronic.

The eIFU (Electronic Instructions For Use) replace paper instructions for use under certain conditions.

By implementing eIFU, you as a manufacturer can reduce your costs in relation to instructions for use. In addition, with eIFU you contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.

Our eIFU platform enables you to publish your instructions for use and leaflets electronically in compliance with the global eIFU regulations. You can now easily manage your instructions for use online and avoid the logistical challenge of adding the correct instructions for use to each product in the current version and the desired language.

And the other big plus of our service: Your customers have access to the instructions for use, the version and the language they really need, anytime and anywhere. 


eIFU self-registration

Easy self-registration

Our eIFU platform is designed to enable manufacturers to publish instructions for use easily and yet in compliance with the law. For this reason, we do not have a complicated registration process: you register, decide under which URL your instructions for use will be published and start uploading your products.

eIFU product overview

Administration & versioning

Our eIFU platform provides you with the functions you need to publish your instructions for use electronically. For example, you can structure products according to certain criteria, archive outdated versions of an instruction manual and much more.

eIFU search result

Simple user interface

It is important to us that users can retrieve the desired instruction manual without much effort. The eIFU platform offers a wide variety of filter and search functions to quickly find the product they are looking for.

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